About us

At Australian Therapy Services we believe that every child  should have access to quality support, wherever they live.

From our personal experience we know that finding a therapist can be a challenge in some parts of the world.

We recognise the importance of therapy provided during critical periods of your child’s development to allow them to reach their full potential. Difficulties that are untreated during the early years of school are likely to continue into high school and adulthood.

Growth and improvements in technology mean that there is no reason that children should not have access to the therapy and support they need.

So, we created Australian Therapy Services Asia to bring the service to you.

Lorelle Evans
Founder, Clinical Director

Lorelle is a Speech Pathologist with 19 years experience working in paediatric speech pathology. She has worked in community health, disability and private practice. Lorelle has experience in early intervention and school age therapy. Lorelle is focused on providing care as part of an integrated model of care, working with parents and teachers to best support the child.

Lorelle has  completed additional training and is able to deliver Hanen attended additional training in Hanen  programs including- It Takes two to Talk, Hanen- Target Word, Learning Language and Loving It and Teacher Talk.

Lorelle’s motivation and enthusiasm for Speech Pathology continues to be providing therapy and support for children in need. Lorelle has spent her career working in Sydney where up to 40% of families speak a language other than English at home and has a wealth of experience working with families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Lorelle is excited at the potential of telehealth to deliver services to children that have had no or limited access to the therapy they need.

Lorelle is supported by a team of qualified speech pathologists based in Australia.

Australia Based Therapists

In Australia, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists complete a 4 year undergraduate degree or 2 year post graduate Masters degree.

All our therapists  are:

  • members of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA), Occupational Therapy Board of Australia, or the Psychology Board of Australia and are fully accredited.
  • are provided with ongoing supervision and mentoring to ensure your child receives quality therapy based on current evidence and best practice.