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We are looking for talented allied health professionals looking for an interesting role working with children, families and schools in an international context from the comfort of their own home. We aim to create quality part-time work opportunities to allow our staff and contractors to manage their work and family responsibilities.

We know from personal experience that many children in our neighbouring countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam do not get the support they need because getting access to services is a challenge. We aim to change that by connecting schools and families to highly experienced Australian speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and school counsellors. We think it is an important and exciting job.

We offer both employee or contractor roles.

About us

We are an innovative online multi-disciplinary service supporting schools and families with children requiring additional support.

Australian Therapy Services Asia was set up in early 2020 to connect families and schools in Thailand to the speech pathologists in Australia using our innovative telehealth therapy platform. Since that time we have expanded to other services and other countries.

The service is led by Lorelle Evans, an Australian based speech pathologist with 20 years’ experience in paediatric speech pathology. Lorelle has worked in various roles within Community Health, Disability and Private Practise. Lorelle has a clinical interest in early intervention and bilingualism. She has been a strong advocate for improved engagement and training of parents and teachers to better support children with SLCN. Lorelle works from her home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is enjoying the new challenges and innovations that a transition into the virtual therapy space is providing.