Milestones for Children
Your child’s communication skills are a key developmental area that you can nurture and support as part their overall development.

Communication is a broad term that is used to describe a complex skill that includes development across a range of areas including:

  • Language – refers to how how child understands and uses words and sentence
    Speech – refers to how your child makes the specific sounds within words
    Fluency – commonly referred to as a stutter
    Social Language – refers to how your child uses language for different purposes
    Bilingualism – refers to your child’s ability to learn more than one language

Like all areas of development, children will develop communication at their own pace. Whilst most children will develop communication skills without difficulty, some children may experience a delay that can be supported by a Speech Pathologist.

In a series of articles to follow, we will provide you with more detail on the typical development of communication skills, strategies to support your child’s communication and advice on when and how to seek support.

If you are concerned about your child’s communication development, we suggest that you talk to a speech pathologist.  A speech pathologist will be able to provide advice around your child’s communication development, and timing of assessment and therapy if required. You can contact a Speech Pathologist through  Australian Therapy Services for a free consultation.